The newest device from Lambda, released in 2020 the best part about it is battery power 55 CONSECUTIVE USES!! That’s the most from any device we’ve ever tested.

Has a lot of features; Display screen, Temperature adjustment, Length of cycle adjustment, Usage record automatic-cleaning, cycle lasts anywhere from 3 minutes to 6 minutes – you choose temperature from 200°C/ 392°F - 300°C/ 572°F team were so impressed they decided to try out our company’s newest device, Lambda T3!

T3 is the first integrated Heat Not Burn device by Lambda, which means that, unlike the A1, T3 can be used numerous times before needing to be charged.


Their test users got 22 consecutive uses. Lambda T3 also has some new features on it that were not available in the A1; temperature control and self-cleaning.

Lambda A1 is comparable to IQOS 2.4/2.4 Plus in both design and function. Just like IQOS 2.4/2.4 Plus, Lambda A1 has two components; the holder and the pocket charger.


It is not a multi-use device, rather after every use the holder must be recharged in the pocket charger. However, our test users found that you can get up to 32 cycles before needing to recharge the pocket charger.


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